Your Bathroom Renovation Goals

Bathrooms follow hot on the heels of kitchens when it comes to popular, high-return home renovations, and whether you’re seeking to make yours into a more stylish and relaxing space, or want to make it bigger and more functional, there are a number of important points and questions to include on your bathroom renovation goals:

  • What are your bathroom renovation goals?

Knowing what you want from your bathroom renovation project may sound a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people start work on a project without having a clear idea of how they want the bathroom to look once finished, or what they want it to enable them to do.

Sit down with a bathroom renovation specialist and discuss your ideas in detail, so that you can be sure to get everything you want from your bathroom, and within budget.

  • Agree on the final design, and select the products

Product selection can be an exciting process, but it’s important to understand your options fully and be clear on what you can and can’t afford. Once the final design has been agreed upon, begin thinking about the following:

Tiles (ceramic, marble, or porcelain)

Fixtures (toilet, tub, and sink)

Fittings (faucets and other small plumbing features)

Vanity (style, material)


Shower doors

Try to stay within your budget, and always search around for great deals on products.

  • Thoroughly read through the project proposal and service contract

You’ll need to sit down with your project manager once all the final designs and big decisions have been made, and make sure that you’re both on the same page. If you work with an experienced, reputable renovation firm, this step will be simple, but it does require you to check everything over meticulously before you sign anything and work commences. A service contract will review all of the specific details of the project, and as with the project proposal, you’ll need to read it through carefully and discuss any possible adjustments or changes with your project manager, at this stage. They should also give you an estimated timeline for the bathroom renovation and will answer any other questions you might have before the project itself, gets underway.

As you can see, there aren’t too many points to check off on the list before your bathroom renovation can get underway, and only a matter of weeks before you can begin enjoying your elegant new space. However, no renovation project should ever be rushed through, and it’s essential that you communicate with your chosen contractor at every stage, right from the initial planning, to the final touch-ups once all the major work has been completed.

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