Why Put Up with A Tired Bathroom When You Can Renovate It?


Bathrooms should be modern, elegant and relaxing spaces not just to carry out your ablutions in, but to unwind in after a grueling day at work, or escape to when the rest of the household seems to have taken over every other space! However, many homeowners mistakenly believe that a bathroom renovation is out of their price range, when in fact, if you work with an experienced and skilled renovation company, you may be able to make your bathroom look and feel better than new, on a budget.


Why Put Up With A Tired Bathroom When You Can Renovate It?


Here are a few cost-effective renovations you can carry out in your bathroom:


Fix and/or prevent damage from mold and mildew

Mold, mildew and other problems resulting from moisture, are not just unsightly, they’re bad for your health, too. If moisture is a concern in your bathroom (especially if ventilation is poor), then you could work with a local renovation company not just to eliminate it and make your walls and fittings clean again, but to prevent it from becoming a problem in the future. With the addition of fans, appropriate ventilation and special paints and coatings, you can make your bathroom a mildew free zone, and transform its look and smell!


Make it more energy efficient

While taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while we brush our teeth are great ways to reduce water consumption in a bathroom, these are really only temporary measures. To make your entire bathroom more energy efficient and help to reduce your carbon footprint, consider swapping your showerheads, toilets and faucets for water-efficient ones, and make your bathroom greener all round.


Your chosen renovations company can help you select the most efficient items at the best prices, and may even be able to get trade prices for you.


Give yourself more storage

Toiletries and other items can quickly clutter up a bathroom, and they can make cleaning the shelves and other surfaces, a nightmare. Gathering dust and bacteria, anything left out in your bathroom is likely to present a health hazard over time, and when it comes to cleaning all surfaces hygienically, you have the arduous task of removing every item and replacing it once you’ve finished. Why not get rid of this issue by improving, or adding to, the storage in your bathroom, so that all items can be kept clean and tidy while remaining easily accessible? Storage is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a far more functional feel, and make cleaning it, a cinch.


Upgrade the fixtures and fittings

If you can’t afford to go all out and renovate the entire bathroom, then why not upgrade some of the fixtures and fittings to give the impression of a new bathroom? It might not fool everyone, but when done professionally, it can breathe new life into old fittings and help to transform the space.


Alternatively, if these options feel a bit like sticking a band-aid over the problem, then you can opt for a full renovation and make your bathroom into a space for the whole family to enjoy. With affordable options available, talk to your local renovation specialist to find out more.


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