What Are the Cheapest Ways to Add a Room to Your Home?

If you’ve been enjoying living in your home but space has become an issue, it isn’t always the case that you’ll have to find another property to move into. While this option may suit some families – especially if they aren’t happy with the home or the neighbourhood for any reason – others might consider the possibility of adding a room in order to continue living right where they are.


If you can’t afford to add a new floor or extension to your home, but would love to be able to create more space, then a room addition could be the ideal solution. Here are some budget-friendly room addition options to inspire you:


Cheapest Ways to Add a Room to Your Home


Make your basement livable

Basements can easily be turned into livable spaces, and since they are often quite large, they can even be split into two separate rooms. With the structure already in place, this particular project is relatively cost-effective, although the walls may need to be insulated, proper flooring installed and it may require some electrical or plumbing work to be carried out by a qualified professional.


Convert your attic

In much the same way as converting a basement into a livable space is a relatively cost-effective room addition project, so is converting an attic, and while many choose to make them into bedrooms for their children, you can use the space for whatever you want. Converting an attic is a little more complex than converting a basement however, since they often feature gabled slopes or irregular angles.


For your attic to be viable for a conversion, most building codes require that the ceiling be at least 7 feet above the room’s living space, the walls must usually be insulated, and the space will need adequate ventilation for summer and winter months.


A quick assessment from a local renovation company will help you determine whether your attic is suitable to be converted into a livable space.


Convert your garage

Garages are often converted into livable spaces for older children in the family, or for when senior relatives come to stay on a temporary or permanent basis, but they can, of course, be used for whatever purpose you wish. Your home’s heating and cooling system may need to be extended to cover the new space, while the floor may need to be covered, and the door replaced depending on its existing style. If your garage lacks windows, then you might want to consider adding them, just make sure the space can be made private. For adding bathrooms or a kitchenette, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified plumber and electrician.


Add a sunroom

Sunrooms can be as basic or as elaborate as you wish, and if you simply want an outside space to sit in when the sun is shining, they can be made very affordably. If your budget is really restricted, then a sunroom is probably one of the cheapest room additions you can opt for.


However, just because it’s simple and budget friendly, that doesn’t mean that you should skip professional help and try to do it yourself!


Adding a room to your home doesn’t have to break the bank, but they’re almost always worth the investment and can help make a home that you feel you’ve outgrown, become a far more livable space, for longer.


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