Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Bathrooms and closets are generally two components of a house that are always small in size. Unless you are overseeing the construction yourself, the chances of getting a small bathroom are very high. Pre-built homes also tend to focus on the bedroom and living area size and ignore the size of the bathroom. Now, extending the physical size of the bathroom is not possible in every residence. Here are a few tips to help your small bathroom appear bigger than it normally is by doing small remodeling attempts to it.

Upgrade tiling

Half-done tiles and dark-colored tiles in a bathroom make it appear dark and cramped. Changing tiles help you liven up the color scheme and make the bathroom interior vibrant. Avoid using extremely small tiles and equally focus on covering the entire walls with new tiling. Incomplete tiling looks very bad in the bathroom decor and appears stuffed and suffocating. Make sure to use a single tile pattern if possible and install additional types of patterns only if they complement each other.

Remove heavy cabinets

Older bathrooms also appear crowded due to the absurd amount of shelving and racking installation. We understand the need of placing your essential items in cabinets for easy accessibility but keeping it concise can help your bathroom appear bigger. Pedestal sinks can save space while using very little space due to their slender design. You can also install hidden cabinets that blend in with your bathroom decor and do not look obtrusive. The abovementioned tiny changes to shelves will increase the floor area of your bathroom.


Putting on a fresh coat of paint inside your bathroom can make it livelier. Paint is very effective in uplifting mood and using light colors make the bathroom appear more accommodating and calming to the residents. Most bathrooms are located in extreme corners and receive very little natural light. By using light-colored accents and installing bright lights, you can make your bathroom appear big.

Hiring contractors

Taking apart an existing bathroom isn’t an easy feat and we would advise you against doing it yourself. Opt for a licensed contractor who deals in home renovation and can suggest ideas to make your bathroom bigger and better. It is best to leave the tiling, shelving, and painting tasks to the professionals. Just ask for a quote and get started with your bathroom remodeling project in no time.

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