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accessible dwelling unit

Accessible Dwelling Unit (ADU), is an additional structure on your lot that is usually converted from your existing garage. It can also be newly built on your property without touching your garage or can be added square feet to your existing garage. This conversion is very common today as the state of California approved it to all homeowners. It is a great way to create additional living space for a great monthly income. 


Garage Remodeling

We at Novak Remodeling know that our garage is mainly used to park our cars and for storage space. We can still use it to park our cars and for the storage space we need. But why not make it fit to what we want to achieve from it. Additional items that we usually put in our garage don’t have to be sloppy and all over the place. We create the proper solution to store all of your additional items, assemble cabinets, remodel the floor, run electricity throughout and insulate the space so it will be comfortable for all to use. 


Garage Conversion

It can come to the point that the space inside your home is not enough. Garage conversion in Los Angeles can be a great option. Converting your garage to be part of your home is easier than you may think. Novak Remodeling can take your existing garage, convert it to an additional bedroom or space in your home and let you enjoy the additional square feet. It will also increase your property value and your homes overall square feet. It’s definitely a win win situation! 


Recreation Room

A recreation room is the best way to make an additional space in your home for those little things we all wished we had. If it’s a play room for our children or grandchildren. A media room for us all to hang together and watch great television on movie night. What about a man cave that he always wanted but never had the space required. With Novak Remodeling all these options are available and more… Call us today and let’s have some fun. 

Garage conversion contractors in agoura hills

It can be tough to find affordable housing in Agoura Hills, especially with so many families all looking for the same thing, and with competition fierce, you could be left feeling that your only option is to move out of the area and find a property within your budget’s that big enough to accommodate your growing family. But what if you could put some currently unlivable space to better use, and turn a loft or a garage into a spacious room?

If you’ve never considered doing anything with your garage, you might not know that restrictions on permits for garage conversions in California have recently been relaxed, and won’t know that you could easily convert your garage into a livable space. 

At Novak Remodeling, thanks to our garage conversion service, our customers have been able to remain in their Agoura Hills homes and raise their families with plenty of space, and have even added thousands of dollars to the value of their home. With more than 15 years of industry expertise and experience among our fully licensed, fully bonded and fully insured team, you can rest assured that your garage conversion is safe with us. 

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When it comes to a Garage Conversion, Novak Remodeling is your one-stop-shop in Los Angeles, California. From the first design idea to giving you the outcome, you are looking for. We create a master plan, for you to understand what this project entails. As you know in Construction things can get messy, with Novak Remodeling you will have the peace, tranquility, and comfort you have always dreamed of.
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Why choose Novak Remodeling to expertly convert your garage?

We can help you turn your garage into exactly the space you want it to be, whether it’s an extra room for the kids, a guest room for grandma and grandpa when they come to visit, or a space for the man of the house to roam freely in! You could even make some money from your additional livable space by renting it out. 

With our expert, but cost-effective garage conversion service, you can turn that wasted space into whatever you want, and with so many reasons to choose us to complete the work, here are just a few:

We’re all licensed, insured and bonded

Fully licensed and fully insured to carry out work in the state of California, the Novak Remodeling team will convert your garage into a livable space while always adhering to all necessary building regulations.

Our service is dedicated and dependable

We haven’t spent the last 15 years simply building things for our customers in Southern California, and learning nothing. We’ve been busy honing our skills and creativity to bring you the outstanding, dependable and dedicated services we proudly present to you today.

No two projects are the same

With different customers and different needs, we ensure that every garage conversion we undertake accurately reflects your individual needs, and whatever you expect from your garage conversion, is what we’ll deliver. 

We never compromise on quality

Everything that we use, and everyone in our team, epitomizes quality. Our standards never drop, and we always offer you the very best solutions at affordable prices. At Novak Remodeling, we are continually striving to get you the best deals so that your garage conversion doesn’t break the bank, while still being high-quality. 

Affordability is always our priority

Because we take the time and effort to regularly review our prices and are always comparing them to other services in the area, we can promise you the most cost-effective solutions to all your remodeling needs, and our garage conversions offer fantastic value for money. We don’t add anything onto the final bill that hasn’t been discussed with you beforehand, and our bills clearly detail every element of the work along with a breakdown of the costs involved.

Add value and space to your home with a Novak garage conversion

Making your home stand out over others in your neighborhood, a newly converted garagegives you the edge on the real estate market, and will add value to it, too. Offering a fantastic return on your investment, a garage conversion could transform your home and make it far more appealing to buyers when you come to sell it.

Let’s start a conversation about garage conversions!

To find out more about our professional but affordable garage conversion service, simply give us a call; we love talking about our projects with customers, and are always happy to answer whatever questions you might have.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

This is one of the most common questions we get on a daily basis. It strictly depends on what conversion preference you have. The finish materials like tile, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures are also important to factor in. Call us today and we will be able to create a plan for your budget and needs. 

The process must begin with a great plan. With Novak Remodeling the process is friendly and understandable. As one of the leading construction companies in the greater Los Angeles area we follow the steps. First is design of what you want to achieve and the looks you desire. Second are the plans that we create based on the conversion you are seeking. Thirdly the remodel process begins. We go hand in hand together all the way to completion. 

That’s a great questions. As a licensed, boned and Insured Contractor, Novak Remodeling is a full service Design & Builder Firm. We will be able to provide you with all the options. We go over all the details together and understand what you really want to get from your Garage Conversion. We then will create a 3D virtual design that will be able to help you make the right decision and the right choice. 

Novak Remodeling is fully licensed, boned and insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance in the State of California. We mainly service the greater Los Angeles area. That Includes the city of Los Angeles including the San Fernando Valley, all Cities in the Los Angeles County and the bordering counties close by. If you are not sure if we service your area, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist. 

We can’t speak for all contractors, but with Novak Remodeling we make sure we deliver on time. After the planing and the design phase the actual remodeling phase may vary. We have to take a lot of components in mind, like the size of your garage, are we creating an ADU that requires a kitchen or will it be your new master bedroom with a gorgeous master bathroom. However, for you to be able to get an idea a typical garage conversion may take anytime between 60 days and 180 days  

We absolutely do. Novak Remodeling knows that sometimes it’s difficult to save it all at once and cash is not always available. We will be able to assist with the banks and financial programs that we closely work with and help you achieve your dream today!

This is a very common question. Especially in the greater Los Angeles area. It mainly depends on the city regulations. However, in the city of Los Angeles you absolutely can. It depends on the lot size and on the size of structure you are thinking about. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.