Do you and your family need more space? Owning a home is a dream come true for most people and certain reasons drive the purchase of that home. As time goes by and the need for more space arise, it becomes necessary to consider all available options.  A room addition is one great way to change your home and give you all the space and functionalities you have been longing for.

Room addition Los angeles
this beautiful Master bathroom was an addition to the existing house design and was built by Novak Remodeling in the Canoga Park, Los Angeles area.

Opting for a room addition is an interesting solution that has many advantages, without the disadvantages of a move. We have gathered all the information you need to know before starting a room addition in Los Angeles. Whether you want to add a bedroom, guest bathroom, master bedroom, second floor, or just need more living space you will find everything you need for good planning; steps required, costs to plan, inspiration, and more. 


Types of Room addition

Types of Room Addition

A room addition contractor in Los Angeles can help you with the following types of additions: 

Main floor expansion

This expansion connects to the original ground floor layout and is accessible from the original home.  It can be expanded as far as allowed by building laws and can fulfill a number of uses, including space for an added bathroom, bedroom, more kitchen space, or even an ADU. For whatever use intended, a floor expansion should be designed to look like a natural extension of your home.


Bump-outs are very popular room additions in Los Angeles. They usually expand the size of a single room and added it onto the side of a home to increase available space.  Bump-outs can give you extra space in the kitchen for a functional dining area, or space for a pantry or wine storage without breaking your pocket.

Second floor

If building out isn’t your thing, maybe building up is. Though it may seem like a lot more time and expense to invest in creating a whole new level, it has its benefits. The addition will significantly double the current space per square in your home and offer you many room options. For single-story homes, building up is one great way of creating more space without taking up yard space. You might also want to consider this option as the ROI is well worth the while.

Room conversion

Sometimes, it may be just right to rethink your space and go for a room conversion – you just need to take an underutilized space and turn it into something purposeful and functional. Unused space in the garage or elsewhere can be made into a sun-room, spa, conservatory, office, guest room, etc.

What is the cost of a house extension?

To determine the cost of room addition in Los Angeles a room addition contractor will have to consider the details of the blueprint on your accurate plans and materials before giving you a quote. You can decide to bring finishing materials to the site for final costing, or save yourself the stress and let the contractor provide you with the finishing materials that suit your taste and at great discounts.

Plan your Room Addition

After determining which type of enlargement is the most suitable for you, it’s time to start your steps. Since an expansion is an important project, be sure to follow these steps to start things off on the right foot. 

Here are the steps to follow for a successful expansion project: 

  1. Consult your municipality to know the regulations and laws
  2. Have plans prepared by professionals
  3. Find a room addition contractor 
  4. Check the contractor credentials if he is active and licensed on the CSLB website
  5. Check if the contractor has bond certificates and liability insurance certificates to make sure your home is fully covered while the work is in progress.
  6. Read some reviews and check recommendations regarding the contractor
  7. Meet potential contractors
  8. Compare the different quotes
  9. Choose the entrepreneur
  10. Contract signature
  11. Execution of the project
  12. Works receipt

Mistakes to Avoid Carrying out a Room addition

Since a home addition is a big project with a lot of elements to consider, it is easy to make mistakes, which unfortunately could cost you dearly. The planning stage is crucial. 

One of the common mistakes trying to challenge the project alone. A room addition project should be treated like the construction of a new house. As this is a major renovation, it is best to deal with it with the help of professionals. It is possible that an expansion will require major modifications, such as relocating the entrance or redistributing certain parts. The expertise of a room addition contractor is therefore essential to organize the balance and consistency between your old home and new additions. A room addition contractor can also help you facilitate all the steps, at no cost or obligation to you, and recommend tips to ensure a successful room addition project.

Finding the right Room addition Contractor

Home addition/expansion ideas abound! Adding a room above the garage to set up a home office, rejuvenate a side of your home, renovate a kitchen or bathroom. The main test is the choice of the general contractor who will carry out this work. It is important you go with a contractor who takes customer satisfaction as a priority.  Before signing a contract, you must ensure you are on the same wavelength as the contractor. This means the contractor has fully understood the scope of the work and that his bid is clear and complete

Get Help – The Novak solution

Novak remodeling has been a company specializing in construction and home remodeling for over 15 years. As a general contractor, we are committed to delivering personalized planning and management services.

Our room addition service is comprehensive: we accompany you at all stages of the creation of your extension; from the plan to the completion of the work. These are carried out according to the rules of the art, in full compliance with the standards in force. Our specialists provide you with real expertise for personalized technical and architectural solutions that are fully operational. This complete and tailor-made house extension project management service aims to offer you the transformation of your family home according to the highest standards of design and quality, while scrupulously respecting the established deadlines and budget.

Reach out to our experts at Novak remodeling to learn more about room addition in Los Angeles. We will be more than happy to attend to your queries.


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