How Renovating Can Make Your First Home, Your Forever Home

The first home you purchase is often considered to be a way of getting your foot on the property ladder, and in many cases, is not the home you think you’ll live in for many years. This is usually because the home isn’t big enough; with your budget at the time, that was all you could afford. But what happens if you end up loving that home and not wanting to move, even if it isn’t fulfilling all of your needs? That’s when renovating comes in.

In the long run, if you love your first home but it isn’t quite big enough or modern enough, renovating it could cost you significantly less than moving to another property, not to mention a lot less hassle and stress.

Renovating Your First Home

Below are three of the most popular renovating first home projects that can help make starter homes, become homes for life:

Renovating the kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of most homes, and as such, it pays to make them as comfortable and stylish as you can afford. If your family is outgrowing your kitchen, or it’s outdated and looking tired, a renovation can bring it back into the 21st century and make it the focal point of your home again. Open plan kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years, and having them lead out into garden space is a wonderful idea if space and budget permits.

Renovating the bathroom

If you have the space in your first home to add another bathroom (or two), or make your family bathroom bigger, that can really help you when your family is growing, or is expected to grow in the future. If your bathroom is in need of some TLC, then you could consider replacing the tub/shower and tiles, and even the sink. Double sinks can be helpful if you only have one bathroom, as can a separate toilet, especially in multiple occupancy homes.

Adding on to your home

An addition project is the ultimate way to extend your home and give everybody more space, but of course, not every home has the space for extra rooms to be added on. If you can’t make the footprint of your home bigger (and planning restrictions may come into play here), consider whether you can restructure the interior of your home to make some of the rooms bigger, or create extra space somewhere.

Consider your outdoor space

If you can make some of your outdoor space livable, that can be a fantastically cost-effective way to make more room for everyone, and enable members of the household to get outside and enjoy the great weather whenever they want to. Make your garden more accessible with a deck or patio, or even make your porch a cozy space for sitting outside in when the weather isn’t favorable.

However you plan to renovate the first property you’ve purchased, turning it into a forever home is easy provided you always seek professional help from a company specializing in quality renovations, and think your designs through carefully to make sure your home really will provide you with everything you need, for the rest of your life.

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