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The Ranch-Style Home Remodel

Ranch Style Home Remodel with Novak Remodeling has been the leading choice among homeowners who want to remodel and improve their homes. Servicing Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, we have successfully turned the houses of Los Angeles residents into the homes of their dreams. From exterior painting, hardscaping, and landscaping, to kitchen and bathroom upgrades, garage conversions, extensions, and complete interior remodel, our expert contractors are expert craftsmen and can make your dream home a reality with ease. We are dedicated to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients and will always go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely satisfied. When you choose us for your home improvement project, you can have complete confidence knowing that you will receive incredible quality, impeccable attention to detail, and outstanding results – all at an affordable price. It’s for these reasons and more that Novak Remodeling is hailed as the most trusted home improvement contractor in the greater Los Angeles area.

What Is A Ranch Style Home?

Ranch Style Home In Los Angeles, CA

At Novak Remodeling, while we can masterfully recraft, redesign, and reimagine homes of all shapes and styles, there’s one style that we specialize in ranch-style homes.

Of all the different types of home styles, the ranch is one of the most popular in Los Angeles. An American style of architecture, the ranch design arose in the 1930s. It was presented as an alternative to the European, vertical-style homes that dominated the 19th and early 20th centuries, such as the brownstone-, Queen Anne-, Greek Revival-, and Gothic cottage-style homes.

The ranch-style of architecture was inspired by ranches in Mexico. They gained popularity in California; hence the reason why this style of architecture is so popular in Los Angles and the surrounding areas. The key features of a ranch-style home include the following:

  • Horizontal layout. The ranch design was a nod to the mid-20th century growth of the United States. During this time period, land in rural areas away from big cities was inexpensive and infrastructure growth focused on the development of highways across the country. Ranch-style houses evoked simplistic, informal, laidback, living. The design was low-slung, spread out, and sat within close proximity to the land; similar to an actual ranch.
  • Single story. Traditionally, ranches are single-story houses; however, there are also split-level and raised ranches, which feature a single-story on one side of the structure that then opens up into a ½-story or two-stories on the other side.
  • Flat or low-pitched roof. The vertical-style architecture that ranch-style homes were designed as an alternative to, featured steeply pitched gabled roofs. The new design, instead, featured flat or low-pitched roofs; however, they can also feature overhanging eaves.
  • Attached parking. Ranch architecture was introduced at the same time the automobile was becoming popular in America. As such, this style of house usually features attached parking in the form of either a garage or a carport.
  • Rectangular, L-, or U-shaped open floor plan. Generally, the floor plan of a ranch-style house is rectangular, L- or U-shaped, and the floor plan is designed to surround an exterior patio. Additionally, the floor plan is open in nature. The bedrooms are usually situated on one side of the house, while the common areas, including the kitchen, living, and dining room are on the other side, and these common areas lack walls between them or feature low-lying half-walls, which allows these spaces to flow into one another; like one large room.

Types of Ranch Style Architecture

Ranch-Style Home After Remodel In Los Angeles, CA. Done By Novak Remodeling

There are several different renditions of ranch architecture, including:

  • California. The original ranch, this style was designed by Spanish colonial masters, and later, Cliff May, a famed architect, modified the original design. Some of the elements of the California ranch were inspired by Arts and Crafts. They feature an L- or U-shape and typically, they have an open courtyard in the middle.
  • Suburban. This style rose to popularity in the 1940s, when post-World War II residential construction boomed in the United States. The suburban ranch is smaller than California Style, is usually built on concrete slabs, and features an open floor plan, like the California-style ranch. They were extremely popular in planned “cookie-cutter” residential suburban locations.
  • Split-level. While most ranches are single-story, the split-level features three levels of living space. The design of this style borrows a lot from the suburban ranch. The front door opens onto the main living area, which features the common rooms. Stairs lead to the sleeping quarters, and additional staircases can lead to additional living areas.
  • Raised ranch. This style features an upstairs and downstairs; essentially, it’s two levels with one on top of the other. An exterior staircase leads to the front door, which opens onto a landing, with one set of stairs leading up and another set leading down. The kiting, dining room, living room, and bedrooms can be located either upstairs or down. This style is ideal for mother-daughter living arrangements or for rental income, as the two levels can remain separated.
  • Storybook ranch. As the name suggests, the design of a storybook ranch resembles something that came out of Hollywood. They’re also dubbed “Cinderella” ranches and feature custom exteriors and interiors that far exceed the design of other types of ranch-style homes; for example, they can feature diamond-shaped windows, ornamental trim, exposed rafters, and vast square footage.

Ranch Style Home Remodel in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Whether you have a traditional California ranch, a suburban, split-level, or a fabled storybook-style ranch, if you’re thinking about a ranch-style home remodel, you’ve come to the right place. At Novak Remodeling, ranch-style home remodels are our specialty. Perhaps you want to add more square footage to your suburban ranch, you’d like to convert the garage on your California ranch into a spare bedroom, ADU, media room, or home office, the features of your storybook ranch were once in style when the house was built but now they’re antiquated, you’d like to reconfigure the layout of your split-level ranch, or you need a new roof, hardscaping, and landscaping for your raised ranch; no matter what your particular needs may be, you can count on the team at Novak Remodeling to meet your ranch-style home remodeling needs.

Comprehensive Ranch Style Home Remodeling in Los Angeles and the Surrounding Areas

When the residents of the greater Los Angeles area are looking for companies that specialize in ranch-style home remodel, Novak Remodeling is the first contractor they call. We’re a locally-owned and operated, fully licensed, and insured general contractor that provides home remodeling services in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our team of professionally trained Project Managers specializes in custom home remodeling and is an expert in the field. We can perform any type of interior or exterior upgrade to any style of home, but ranch-style home remodeling is our expertise. Being that we’re located in California, where ranch architectural design was first introduced in the United States, we’re particularly fond of this type of home design. In the 15 years that we have been in business, we have successfully remodeled, redesigned, upgraded, and transformed all types of ranch-style homes throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

At Novak Remodeling, if you can dream it, we can design it and make your vision become reality. An overview of our custom ranch-style home remodel services include:

  • Kitchen renovations and remodeling
  • Bathroom renovations and remodeling
  • Garage conversions, such as ADU, Junior ADU, master-suites, guest bedrooms, home offices, media rooms, living rooms, etc. 
  • Roof repairs, replacements, and new roof installations
  • Above-ground and in-ground pool design and installation
  • Landscaping, including planting, synthetic turfs installation, pruning, and lawns
  • Hardscaping, such as patio, deck, driveway, walkway, pool surround, and retaining wall design and installation
  • Exterior remodeling, including new siding installation, window replacement, and shutter installation
  • Complete interior remodeling, such as reconfiguring layouts and footprints, wall treatments, such as shiplap, chair rails, brick walls and floors, hardwood and manufactured wood floor installation, tile, and stone flooring installation, carpet installation, etc. We can also design and install custom built-ins, including shelves, entertainment stands, and bookcases, custom lighting installation (sconces, high-hats, etc.), standard and stained glass window installations, and so much more.

The Novak Remodeling Ranch-Style Home Remodel Process

There may be a lot of home remodeling contractors that service the Los Angeles area, but none can compare to Novak Remodeling. What is it that sets us apart from the crowd? It’s our commitment to excellence and providing our clients with one-of-a-kind results that truly reflect their individual taste and style, and that will really function for their personal needs.

We understand that every homeowner and every house is unique. That’s why, unlike so many other general contractors, we never take a cookie-cutter approach to home remodeling. We approach each and every project we work on with an open mind and open ears. An overview of our ranch-style home remodel process includes the following:

  • A complimentary consultation. The process begins with a free, in-person consultation. One of our knowledgeable and friendly project managers will come to your home and sit down with you to discuss the upgrades you would like to make and the overall vision that you have for your home. We’ll also perform a comprehensive assessment of your house and property to gain a thorough understanding of the layout, the structural elements, and any repairs that may need to be made before your remodel begins. Of course, we’ll also discuss your budget.
  • Plan development. Based on the information that we obtain during the consultation, we’ll devise a strategic plan of action in order to make your vision come to life. The ideas that you have in mind, the existing layout and condition of your home, and your budget will all be taken into consideration while we’re developing the plans for your ranch-style home remodel.
  • Plan review. Once the plans are drawn up, we’ll review them with you. We’ll go over the features that we intend on including, will discuss the entire process with you, and will provide you with and review a written price estimate. If any changes need to be made, we’ll adjust them, free of charge, and we won’t proceed until we have your stamp of approval.
  • Construction process. After your plans have been reviewed and approved, the construction process will begin. We’ll secure any permits that may be required and will ensure that everything adheres to town, city, county, and state codes. Our project managers will assist you with selecting the materials for your remodel, such as the windows, doors, floors, lights, countertops, cabinets, toilets, tiles, masonry, etc. During the construction of your ranch-style home remodel, we’ll make sure that your property is completely secured and safety will always be our first priority.
  • Completed project review. Once your ranch-style home remodel is complete, we’ll review the finished product with you. We’ll walk you through your newly redesigned home to show you the changes we made. If you have any questions, we’ll gladly answer them, and if you’d like to make any changes, we’ll do our best to make them (do note, however, that an additional cost may apply).

At Novak Remodeling we are dedicated to delivering 100% satisfaction. Our entire staff will always go the extra mile to make sure that your needs are met, and from start to finish, you’ll be treated with the utmost integrity. The team at Novak Remodeling will treat your home like it’s their own. Our commitment to quality can be seen in the exceptional craftsmanship that we deliver and the kind, courteous service that we provide.

Transform Your Ranch-Style Home with a Custom Home Remodel

No matter the shape, style, or size of your home, and no matter what type of changes and upgrades you’re interested in making, if you’re planning a ranch-style home remodel, you can count on the team at Novak Remodeling to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

To find out how we can turn your house into your dream home, get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.

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