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6 Inspirational Ideas for Converting Your Garage

Making your garage into something more than a dusty, unused storage space for junk, is absolutely within your reach, all you need is an experienced design and construction company to guide you, and a little inspiration.


If the following 6 ideas and tips for a successful garage conversion don’t quite tick all your boxes, put you’re thinking cap on and let your creative juices flow!

6 Inspirational Ideas for Converting Your Garage

  1. Create a modern kitchen diner

Large, open-plan kitchens are all the rage nowadays, and it’s easy to see why. With the kitchen often being the only room in the home where families share time together, making it into a big, creative space for all the family to enjoy – not to mention providing you with endless opportunities for entertaining – is a fantastic idea.


Whether you plan to incorporate your garage into a new space that you’re creating for a kitchen diner or want to shift the kitchen to the garage, a kitchen diner will also help you sell for significantly more should you decide to sell it.


  1. Make your garage conversion blend seamlessly into your home

Sometimes, garages can stand out for all the wrong reasons, and if you’re considering converting yours into a livable space, such as a bedroom or guest space, you should make sure that the brickwork, materials and windows that will be replacing the door, blend seamlessly with your home (or contrast with it, according to your preference).


  1. Position the door appropriately

It’s important with an integral garage, to position the interior door to the new space, in the right place, and think carefully about where it should go before work gets underway. Think about how the position of the door will impact the furniture in the new room, and how convenient access will be for anyone entering the space.


  1. Consider flooring levels

Garage floors are typically lower than the level of the floor in the rest of a home, so if you want the new space to be on the same level without having any steps in place, you’ll need to raise the floor. This will of course only be possible if the ceiling height allows for it.


  1. Go for a double storey garage conversion

Why keep your garage conversion at a single height if you’ve got the space and the funds to make it a two-storey space? Turn your garage into a fully functional apartment for guests, family members or even tenants. Naturally, this type of conversion will require a larger budget and a lot of help from a professional design and construction company, but it can add huge value to a home and if your family has outgrown your existing home, this can prevent you from having to spend time and money relocating.


  1. Make sure your conversion has enough natural light

Garages are often dark, uninspiring spaces, so if you really want to make the most of your garage conversion, you’ll need to ensure it gets flooded with natural light. More windows, or even floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding or folding (or both) can do wonders for a dark space and even make it look and feel more spacious and inviting.


Converting your garage into a space that you can use and enjoy, is a wonderful way to get more out of your home, whether selling it or planning to stay in it for the foreseeable future.