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How to Hire a Contractor for Bathroom Remodel Project


Complete Bathroom Remodel

The average cost of a bathroom remodeling task is $21,377. While some homeowners may be tempted to make some home improvements on their own, most kitchen and bathroom upgrades will necessitate hiring a skilled professional.

A qualified bathroom remodeling contractor can take precise measurements, recommend appropriate materials, and design a functional, safe, and cost-effective room that expresses the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. After planning, the installation procedure begins, which can take a few weeks or months.

The decision to hire a competent renovation contractor should never be made hastily or without careful thought and research. Everybody has heard stories of people who signed a contract with the wrong contractor, and things didn’t go as planned.

Keep reading to learn how to hire a contractor for bathroom remodel project.


Consult with your friends and family to see if anyone else has had the same issue in the past. If they have, discuss how they solved the problem, and you can potentially find a contractor with some credibility.

Also, if you live in Los Angeles, it’s the best time to find a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Find out why your friend’s bathroom remodeling experience was a positive one.

Were there issues when working with the bathroom remodeling contractor? Was the client happy with the remodeling project?

You will also find online customer reviews on the company’s BBB and Google My Business listings. Depending on their previous clients’ reviews, you will know if the contractor is the right one for your project.


Don’t settle for a general plumber or contractor. Instead, focus on professionals who specialize as bathroom remodeling contractors.

Their specialization ensures they have the needed tools, permits, and knowledge. Hiring specialists will give you peace of mind since they know the bathroom remodel dos and don’ts.

General contractors may lack the needed hands-on experience. If yours is their first bathroom remodeling project, they are likely to make mistakes.

Someone who can leverage previous bathroom remodeling experience knows how to tackle problems. Specialists will use their expertise to decide on the best solutions.

As you begin searching for a contractor, ask about their years of experience. What past experiences make them the best choice for your project?

Ensure you gather enough proof of their past bath remodel experience to make a shortlist of contractors.

Ask to See Their Previous Work

The contractors’ proof of work will help in learning about their abilities. By exploring their portfolio, you will know if they are the best fit for your remodeling project.

The contractors’ portfolios should be available on their professional websites. When exploring their portfolio, note the features you need to add to your bathroom remodel project.

Note that the best portfolio should contain before and after pictures, plans, and sketches. But, be on the lookout for:

  • Poor lighting conditions
  •  Cheap-looking materials
  •  Slanted floors
  •  Ceilings/walls with dark stains
  •  Crooked tiles or cracked grout
  •  Streaked or splattered paint
  •  Caulking to hide defects

Skip any contractor with a work portfolio containing any of the above mistakes. Also, avoid a contractor with poor quality images, few projects, and low-standard final work.


Now that you have a few options for remodeling contractors, ask about their specific services. Know the value each can bring to your project that someone else will not.

A bathroom remodeling specialist can also have design services you may use. Such contractors can bring the concept of your desired bathroom to life. So, their enhanced skill is worth more than a general contractor’s.

Know the idea each contractor has for your remodeling project. Also, inquire about the equipment they plan to use – here, ensure they include their quote.

Also, ask whether the contractor will recycle materials from your old bathroom. Note that working with a creative contractor will save you time and money. Saving materials is also beneficial to the environment.

Does the contractor have contacts that will give you a deal on the required materials? A contractor with the right connections will earn discounts for the needed materials – they will pass the savings onto you.

Knowing more about their abilities and skills will help you choose the right contractor. But if they lack the creativity and skills, keep searching.


When planning a bathroom remodel, ensure the contractors have the needed credentials. Do they have insurance and a license for remodeling?

Also, ensure all the needed registrations are up-to-date. Never take a remodeling contractor at their word – ask for proof of their license and insurance.

Can they also prove they have any formal training, or are they members of an organization? How is their dedication to remaining educated about the industry?

Depending on their answers, you can choose the best bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles.

Comparing Remodeling Costs

After narrowing down your options for remodeling contractors, get a few quotes from the contractors. The contractors should put everything you discussed in writing.

That will include the schedule, payment plan, and all the costs. Having everything in writing will aid in evading disagreements down the road.

Having many quotes will help in comparing remodeling costs. That way, you’re sure to get the best price in your area.

Hire the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

There you have it! Never rush to work with the first contractor you speak to during your search!

The above tips will aid you in finding the best bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. A bathroom remodeling project will be a great idea if you have the best contractor doing it for you.

At Novak Remodeling, we provide quality and a superior craft to build trust with our customers. Our team will take care of your whole project to completion.

Contact us today to have the best bathroom remodeling project service.

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