Five Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Planning to remodel your bathroom? Before beginning the construction of your new bathroom, there are a few crucial areas to think over. Bathroom remodeling is not all about aesthetics but making the most out of the available space and constructing a functioning bathroom in it.

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few bathroom remodeling mistakes you must avoid:

1. Underestimating the budget

Homeowners often perceive remodeling projects as a very cheap method to change the existing bathroom. On the contrary, bathroom remodeling projects can start as a budget endeavor and change into an expensive venture if you don’t set your priorities straight. If your bathroom lies in a corner and has complex and weakened plumbing, it may require maintenance even before beginning the remodeling project. Always try to get a quote from your remodeling contractor after inspection of your site. Reliable remodeling contractors focus on meticulous inspection to save you from an undue increase in the budget.

2. Ventilation

Bathrooms need to have a ventilation system to vent out the humidity build up. It doesn’t need to be a complex system but the gaping should be large enough to push out air via the exhaust fan. If the humidity fails to escape from the bathroom, it will lead to mold build up that will weaken the structure and bathroom area from inside. If you have a bathroom that is close to the main wall, make sure to cut out an opening and install a powerful exhaust fan after the remodeling is complete.

3. Poor Layout

While remodeling your bathroom, it is best to keep only those elements that are necessary for your daily use. If you try to cram a bathroom with a shower, tub, sink, and toilet, all inside a tiny area, the result will be a bathroom full of ceramic fittings and very little room to move around. Always prefer comfort over aesthetics and listen to your contractor’s input before beginning a remodeling project. They hold significant experience in this domain and can draw a befitting layout for your bathroom remodeling.

4. Basic Lighting

Tiles, marble countertops, plush fittings, etc. are the main priority of any bathroom remodeling project. Lighting should also to be given equal importance. Since most bathrooms have little to no outdoor lighting solution, they have to rely on bright interior lighting. Simply sticking a bulb in the holder won’t project a good light on the bathroom. Install well-spaced and powerful lighting that amplifies the overall look of the bathroom.

5. Forgetting Storage

Toiletries take up a lot of space and can create an obnoxious mess if the bathroom lacks a storage unit. Strategically plan the storage and invest in a good storage rack that provides easy access to all the toiletries.

Bathroom remodeling isn’t as simple as it looks and can take a lot of rework if you do not plan it. Align your priorities and focus more on making the model accessible and spacious rather than wasting money on expensive fittings and decorations.

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