Exterior Remodeling In Los Angeles – Key Elements

Exterior  Remodeling Los Angeles
Front Entrance Home After Complete Exterior Remodeling In Los Angeles
By Novak Remodeling Of Calabasas, CA.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to judge a house by its exterior. If the house looks neglected, you often expect the worst to come through the front door. Indeed, many houses have an outdated exterior. It is often changed only when there are problems; water infiltration, bad drainage, or others. Many owners prefer instead to prioritize renovations of kitchens and bathrooms that are used on a daily basis. Yet the exteriors of our homes deserve just as much to be at the top of our priority list; This is because undergoing exterior remodeling in Los Angeles can give you almost 100% returns on your investment.

Whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, we have compiled important elements you should consider to have a successful exterior remodeling in Los Angeles.


Before starting your exterior remodeling in Los Angeles, you should ask yourself. What is the ultimate goal you want to accomplish? Are you fixing a broken or damaged area, peeling paint, or an aging roof? Do you plan to stay in one place for a long time or do we plan to move? What is the average value of homes in our neighborhood? Will the investment be profitable? What budget are you prepared to allocate to your project and so on.

Once you have carefully considered your goals reflection is over, the time has come to explore the different possible elements and learn more about the subject in order to help you plan your exterior remodeling in Los Angeles. The following paragraphs will surely guide you.


1. The Outer Coating

One of the first things to replace during an exterior remodeling in Los Angeles is obviously the exterior cladding. There are many options on the market, such as engineered wood, vinyl, or masonry. Nowadays, homes often combine several types of siding rather than just one. For example, a home’s exterior can be a mix of engineered wood, brick, and stone.

The exterior cladding protects our house from atmospheric elements. Neglecting it can lead to moisture, mold, or even major water infiltration problems. It is possible to modernize the appearance of our residence without changing our entire coating. You can only redo the exterior without touching the other sides of the house and still create a very nice effect.

2. Roofing

A roof in good condition often goes unnoticed, yet a roof that is in poor condition or made from a totally inadequate color choice will be the first thing people will see on the house!

The importance of a healthy roof cannot be overstated. Like the exterior cladding, the roof protects the house against the vagaries of Mother Nature. Minimal infiltration that escapes our attention can cause major damage in the long term.

It is also possible that your project involves modifications to the roof structure. The expertise of a skilled exterior remodel contractor will then be required so that the contractor can carry out the work on the house frame according to the established plans. Fixing your roof could be very expensive but it definitely adds to the aesthetics and long-term value of your home

3. Entryways and windows

It may seem trivial, but a front door can make all the difference on a facade! Modern, classic, wood, or metal, there are tons of styles. Careful selection has to be made in this regard. As it will be used frequently, it would be a good choice to obtain a quality model with a sophisticated design.  Top-quality main entryways, side entryways, and carport entryways can make it simpler for you to enter your home and harder for break-ins to occur.

An exterior remodel is very likely to result in a change of windows, especially if we are considering a whole new color scheme or if they have reached their maximum lifespan. Now is a perfect time to evaluate the products available on the market! Sash, casement, tilt and turn windows, etc. – there are different options. With professional windows, your home gains more insulation along with improved energy efficiency and security.

4. Landscaping

Exterior remodel  Los Angeles
Backyard Home After Complete Exterior Remodeling By Novak Remodeling Of Calabasas

Landscaping is an important part of the overall look of a home. Without overdoing it, a well-kept land and a few cleverly placed plants can completely change the atmosphere that reigns around our home. We wouldn’t want to spoil the fine work done on the front of the house by leaving our yard sparsely maintained!

Before investing large amounts, make sure to seek advice from expert exterior remodeling contractors who have experience in this field. They will be able to bring all those eye-catching elements that set your home apart from the neighbors to life.

5. Lighting

Often, when changing the exterior of our house, we take the opportunity to modernize the fixtures or even add them. Lighting plays a big role in the finish. It allows you to create a warm and elegant atmosphere around the house, but also to offer a good level of security by eliminating shadow areas, facilitating movement, and deterring unwanted visitors.


Different elements can be taken into account when remodeling an exterior, which, therefore, varies the costs considerably. The choice of materials will also have a significant effect on the price of the renovation. While it is always recommended to speak with an exterior remodeling contractor in Los Angeles to get a good idea of ​​the investment your project could represent.

Do not be in a haste to meet with a few contractors in order to obtain different quotes. This will facilitate your decision-making and also allow you to gather ideas and suggestions while ensuring that you pay the right price.


Are you?

Don’t let an overzealous relative convince you to hire him to save money. The reason you pay exterior remodeling contractors is to have your project done safely, legally, and without any surprises.

At Novak Remodeling, we have what it takes to get quality work done and keep you inspired. Why not get in touch with people who love what they do today!

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