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Most frequently asked questions and answers

One of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis. Yes, we do provide a free estimate for all of your remodeling needs. However, if your remodeling is required due to an insurance related case, please give us a call as we need more information prior to our arrival. 

After our initial meeting, we will be able to email you a written estimate. At times, depends on the estimate required and information needed it may take up to a week. It works on a case by case basis. However usually we provide with an estimate between 48-72 hours. 

Yes we do. We provide a detailed estimate called an “Exactimate” to your insurance company and seek the highest amount possible for the necessary remodel. We work directly with them on your behalf. You won’t need to waste your valuable time speaking with them and hearing the answer “NO”. 

Our Estimates unless specified otherwise at the time of our meetings are good for 30 days. However, if you sign a contract and the work will begin further than 30 days that contract price will be honored. Contracts are able to be signed a year in advance. 

We absolutely do. Novak Remodeling knows that sometimes it’s difficult to save it all at once and cash is not always available. We will be able to assist with the banks and financial programs that we closely work with and help you achieve your dream today!