Bathroom Renovation – DIY vs Hiring a Professional

Renovating your bathroom is a big project, and as such, you’ll need to carefully consider whether you have the skills and know-how to complete the project yourself, or whether you should play it safe and hire professionals to carry out the work.

Bathroom Renovation – DIY vs Hiring a Professional

Below are some circumstances under which you might be able to do your bathroom renovation yourself:

  • You’re capable of taking on such a big project yourself

While many of us might be willing to renovate our own bathrooms, this doesn’t mean that we’re qualified to do it, and it certainly doesn’t automatically make it a great, money saving idea. You’ll need a lot of time, skills and know how to renovate your own bathroom, and unless you’re licensed and qualified to carry out electrical or plumbing work, you’ll always need a professional to do that for you.

  • Your budget is tight

It’s important to remember that while renovating your bathroom yourself can save you money on labor costs, this is only true if you have some knowledge or experience in DIY renovation work. If you don’t, you could end up spending more money on having your DIY mistakes corrected by a professional.

  • The renovation is small scale

For painting, tiling and adding new fixtures, you may be able to save money by doing this yourself.

Below are some circumstances under which you will benefit from having your bathroom professionally renovated:

  • You’re not skilled or qualified

Being an unskilled DIYer may be fine for an experimental project, or a small renovation that doesn’t involve construction, plumbing or electrical work, but for anything bigger, but an average bathroom renovation requires for most of the work to be carried out professionally; this ensures that all work meets the necessary standards, and that your bathroom is safe to use.

  • You’re short on time

A DIY bathroom renovation is typically a lengthy project, and if you don’t have the time to devote to completing the work, it could take many months to finish.

  • You only have one bathroom

If you only have one bathroom in your home, you’ll need the work to be carried out as quickly and professionally as possible, by a qualified contractor.

  • You plan to make structural changes to your bathroom or replace things

Knocking down walls, altering the layout of your bathroom, or installing a new shower or tub is best left to the professionals, always!

While a DIY bathroom renovation project is possible, and could save you money, the overall consensus is that hiring professional help will get the job done quicker, and ensure that your bathroom meets all your expectations, both aesthetically and functionally. Mistakes that as an inexperienced DIYer you might (and probably will!) make while renovating a bathroom, can end up costing you dearly, and set the project back by weeks, if not months. Remember that much of the work will require licensed contractors anyway (such as plumbing and electrical work), so the chances are that if you can get away with doing some of the work yourself, it would only be the minor tasks, and may not make you any significant savings in the long run.

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