Bathroom Renovation Checklist

While renovating your bathroom is an exciting prospect, and you’re probably keen to plunge into it right away, there are a number of practical things to think about before you begin:

Bathroom Renovation Checklist

  • Your budget – how much can you spend?

This pretty much determines everything, from the size and scale of the renovation, to the fixtures and fittings you choose. Decide upon a clear budget before you begin thinking in any detail about the project.

  • Time and planning

If you have limited time in which to complete the renovation (and actually, even if time is of no concern), it can be helpful to work with a general contractor, as they’ll make sure each particular sub-contractor fulfils their work so that the project can finish on time, and in the right order.

  • What should your bathroom look like?

The style and functionality of your newly renovated bathroom should meet all your requirements and desires, and only by carefully choosing a color scheme and selecting the right tub, shower and faucets etc. will it ever truly fulfil your needs.

  • Storage options

Storage is essential in any bathroom, especially if it’s a busy, family room used by multiple occupants. However, the cabinets and shelves that you choose must match the overall style of your bathroom, while still performing their primary purpose, and this means reviewing the choices and choosing what will look and work best.

  • Your walls and flooring

Aside from the material needing to be waterproof, you can use any material for the surface walls and floors of your bathroom, but having an idea of what you want to use before you begin, is helpful.

  • What kind of lighting should your bathroom have?

Lighting that enables you to see properly in your bathroom is very important, but equally, softer, ambient lighting can be beneficial in creating a more relaxed, less harsh environment for relaxing and unwinding in. Try to maximize natural light first, and for any artificial lighting, you should ideally have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot.

  • Those all-important accessories

While they may not seem important in the grand scheme of things, accessories such as new towels, mirrors, bath mats and so on, can add up in cost, especially if you’re replacing everything, so be sure to budget for them when planning your bathroom renovation.

  • Ventilating the room

Absolutely essential in a bathroom, ventilation requires good planning, and you’ll need to talk with your general contractor about where the fan should be positioned, and how it will be installed. Failure to properly address ventilation for your newly renovated bathroom can quickly result in damp and moldy conditions, and aside from looking unsightly and causing damage to the walls and fixtures, this can also be harmful to your health.

While this list is not exhaustive, the above points are perhaps the most important to think about before you dive into a renovation project, and choosing the right general contractor to help you, can also make or break your bathroom.

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