6 Creative Ways to Increase Space in Your Home

For some families, especially those who are expanding or plan to expand their household, their home is never quite big enough to give them everything they need, but the hassle, inconvenience, and added expense of moving to a bigger property, make this an unviable option.

While remodeling a home can be advantageous, it rarely gives you more space, and if the walls of your home sometimes feel as if they’re closing in on you, a home addition could be just the solution.

Below are 6 creative ways to expand your home with an addition project

Expand the main floor

The most popular way in Los Angeles to increase living space in your home today is home addition, enlarging the ground floor begins with meticulous planning, to ensure that it fits in with the existing floor plan and blends well with the home’s exterior. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you could add a large room for the whole family to enjoy, or a couple of smaller ones to give the children (or you and your partner!) their own private space.

Slab Home Addition in Los Angeles
Slab Home Addition in Los Angeles

At the beginning of the construction project, your chosen remodeling firm will usually remove a section of the existing exterior wall, frame the new space, and add a roof, taking care to seamlessly blend it all together.

Home Addition to the second floor

a great way to increase space in your home will be xpanding your home upward through a second floor addition can be a great solution if your living space is feeling cramped. By adding onto your one-story home or expanding a specific section of your second floor, you can nearly double your interior space. Whether you’re in need of an extra bedroom, bathroom, or even an office space, a home addition to the second floor can provide the extra square footage you require. It’s a worthwhile option to consider for those looking to enhance their living environment and accommodate their growing needs.

second story home addition in Los Angeles
second-story home addition in Los Angeles

Enclosing your back patio for increase space in your home

With the ongoing health crisis making many families crave more outside space, enclosing your back patio is a simple and effective way of gaining outdoor living space all year round. An affordable option, if you already have a patio, this project could get you enjoying the outdoors quicker than you might think possible.

Patio Enclosure Backyard in Los Angeles
Patio Enclosure Backyard in Los Angeles

Convert your front porch

While sunrooms are typically at the back of a home, there’s no reason why you can’t design one on the front of your property, around your porch, or front entrance. An extra room facing the front garden can help bring the outdoors in, and give you extra space.

Convert your attic

The top floor of the average home is pretty big, and when converted, can add livable square footage to your home. A cost-effective home addition, you could convert it into a luxury bedroom, home office or a room to confine the kids to when they’re making you tear your hair out! However, note that you’ll undoubtedly come up against some unique and sometimes challenging obstacles.

Build over your detached garage

A livable space can easily be added over a detached garage or other type of building, such as a pool house, you could even use the roof as a deck or patio in fair weather.

For many more ideas about creating extra space in your home, talk to a reputable, licensed local remodeling contractor who can help you expand your existing home, and give your family more livable space.

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